The Route 66 Juggernaut

Here’s one way to get your kicks. Our German travel friends, Robert Golle and Sabine, just finished a marathon, cross-country trek along the entire Route 66. Thankfully, they made it all in one piece. For those who don’t know, the storied Route 66 is a fascinating highway corridor that’s downright dangerous in some places.

Robert and Sabine during their 3-week Route 66 Juggernaut. Gesundheit!
Robert and Sabine during their 3-week Route 66 Juggernaut. Gesundheit!

Portions of the old highway have suffered massive deterioration due to neglect, and are riddled with potholes and rocks. In some areas, there’s no “route” at all. Imagine the terrain stagecoaches went across in the late 1800s and that’s present day Route 66 (the neglected portions, anyway).

Still, Robert seemed determined to drive it. We met them at the Grand Canyon this past June. They were a great couple, SUPER friendly, very informative. Moreso, we were amazed by their travel concept. Robert showed us his 30-page, 3-week trip intinerary he’d actually compiled into a loose-leaf binder: where to eat, where to sleep, when to get up, and all of it mapped out in exquisite detail. Incredible.

Right now, Robert and Sabine tell us they’re sorting through 4,000-plus travel pics. Told them we’d post a link to their photos when they’re ready. Cimmon, Robert, let’s see those photos…Schnell!


One thought on “The Route 66 Juggernaut

  1. right behind you^^

    Yes we can^^ I hop wie will begin at the next time. It`s not so easy for n00bs in computer questions. Maybe we have to ask someone for the details to make a own homepage. Learning by doing. It was great our trip and we want to show how beautyful it was.

    And sorry for my english^^ My german is better, very well^^

    We will see you again^^


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