How the West Was Done

Our seven-month tour of the Western U.S. in the Hip Travel Mobile (click the image for a larger view)

Seven months and 7,700 miles. Funny thing about that string of 7s. We had no accidents, flat tires, breakdowns, collisions, incidents or otherwise that would have halted our trip. Luck was on our side – that, and a little help from above. We definitely had our share of thrills and close calls. Thanks be to God for His protection. We had His guardian angels working overtime.

As I look at this map, I’m reminded of all the breathtaking scenery and of all the new friends: the Dorrell family in Montana who helped us unthaw our RV pipes, the Claridge’s in Montana who introduced us to bow-hunting deer; the Radke’s in Kirkland/Seattle and their six acres and words of wisdom; the Walkers in S. Oregon and RV hookups behind their house. We’re so thankful and blessed to know all of them.

Janice and I would’ve been happy to reach Northern California or Oregon, if that’s as far as our travels would’ve taken us. As it were, we saw Seattle; Victoria, B.C.; big sky Montana; Yellowstone; Hot Vegas; Zion National Park; the south AND north rim of the Grand Canyon – places she’s never been, places I’ve never been.

We’re hoping that we’re blessed enough to embark on another tour – this time covering all Eastern states. Neither of us have ever been to Michigan, Maine, North Carolina, Tennessee. With fingers crossed (and a little luck) we just might make it.

Just an aside: The total RV mileage doesn’t include the 6,000-plus miles driven while sightseeing in the Acura. I tried to include all those smaller routes, but the result was fairly messy. Will have to do a separate posting for that later.


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