Pinnacle Mountain State Park, Little Rock Arkansas

The biggest, trendiest city in Arkansas has a secret Central Park. Just a 10-minute drive from anywhere in Little Rock, the heart of commerce in the natural state, Pinnacle Mountain State Park awaits.

Hiking trails ring the scenic mountains, rivers and lakes and the visitor center hosts a gorgeous panoramic view of the Arkansas River. You can watch the live honeybee colony at the visitor center until you discover the more invigorating things the park offers.

Our personal favorite is the horseback trail rides on the west side of the park. For $25 a person, you and your guide explore woods, water and open fields. This tour is anything but the typical sleepy trail ride… steep inclines and water crossings give such a diverse and exiting experience.

The park also offers guided kayak and canoe river tours. While the guides are nice and attentive in their standard river kayaks, the “teacup” ride is not. Teacup meaning the infernal spinning of mis-ordered white-water kayaks and paddles that gayly flip even the most experienced kayaker at the slightest wind gust or paddle stroke.

Four hours of spinning was only righted by our discovery of Buster’s Real Ice Cream shop turning right on Cantrell Street leaving the park. Particularly, Buster’s Key Lime Pie ice cream, is well worth the trip.


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