Pet Friendly Eureka Springs – Retreat at Sky Ridge

If you’re looking for the best pet-friendly place to stay with your entire family in Northwest Arkansas, we highly recommend the 5-star service and pet policies at The Retreat at Sky Ridge .

Sky Ridge is loaded with cool features and amenities: spacious 4+ star log cabins with stylish interiors and zero pet restrictions. Seriously. Sky Ridge is the most pet-friendly retreat within a 30-mile radius, accepting all types of pets: dogs, cats, birds, lizards, and ferrets. Bring ‘em all. They’re welcome here.

Located 6 miles northwest of Eureka Springs, just off State Highway 62, the 140-acre Retreat at Sky Ridge is steeped with peace in a natural habitat of breathtaking countryside: rolling emerald hills, forest-rich landscapes, inspiring vistas, winding gravel roads. We enjoyed a mama bird tending her to nest on our front porch, entertaining us with her pretty blue bird antics.

Each cabin is Lincoln-log on the outside; posh, upscale, and climate controlled on the inside. We were impressed with the sheer size of the cabin, porch and yard, which was like having our own private house.

The 650-square-foot cabins have a luxuriously spacious feel with open floor plans and high-vaulted ceilings. All 8 cabins are individually themed (see photos online for booking). We stayed in Cabin 8, the Global Traveler: its walls adorned with French art prints and montages of international cities: Paris, London, Rome. Cabins 9 and 10 overlook Beaver Lake from scenic vantage points. There is even a pet-friendly 2,200 square-foot Sky Ridge Pavilion for weddings, parties and corporate events. You can literally include your pets in your wedding!

We forgot our bottled water and were delighted that our kitchen was stocked with spring-fed well water and essentials like glasses, utensils, a microwave, range oven, toaster, coffeemaker with coffee pouches – even a hand mixer. There’s lots of restaurants nearby, but we opted for semi-homemade foods to spend more time with the view and less time with the cleaning supplies. The cabin has a full-size swing and rocking chairs on the porch and its own full-size trashcan outside.

Pet-friendly Sky Ridge

So, just how pet-friendly is Sky Ridge? One might even be bold enough to call this place pet-centric: there’s no pet deposit or fee; you can bring all your pets along with you and there are no weight or breed restrictions. The Studers even post whimsical signs in the office telling guests: Dogs welcome, people tolerated.
They even offer pet treat bags, bowls, towels and a washing station.

“Honestly, the most damages we’ve had was from guests, not their pets,” Cindy said, laughing. They even provide treat bags with your pet’s name it and directions to lots of local pet-friendly venues.

We had no allergies during our stay and upon asking, learned all cabin bedding including comforters and bath rugs are washed between stays. Sky Ridge upholds their reputation of Pet Friendliest Resort in NW, AR. Approachable and realistic, Cindy is never upset or fee-happy about pet harm befalling a pillow or cabin item. Instead, she encourages guests to simply let her know so she can repair, clean, or, rarely, replace the item prior to the next guest stay.

Pet-friendly Eureka Springs has very few no-pets venues besides Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, whose big cats can’t abide folk’s dogs barking at them. Pets are welcome to stay in your cabin unattended (with or without crating) and the affordable area rugs are easy and often free to clean.


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