About Us

Sharing a deep love for travel and adventure, and being professional wordsmiths, we’ve been presented with the phenomonal opportunity to launch a national travel writing tour. Our favorite travel photos and videos, blog posts, articles and reviews are already up with more on the way!

Why travel now?
Adventurers at heart, life seems too short to be tied to just one place. Being early 30s, and what’s more, not held down by a mortgage, kids, or debt that can make travel more pipe-dream than reality; HipTravel loves to travel and explore while virtual officing along the way!

Check out CopyStratic, to see the corporate copywriting portfolio.

Where to?
What an exceptional opportunity to see God’s creation! The travel tour plan began by heading out west on Hwy 40 through west Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, and from there, a journey up the Pacific Coast Highway, through gorgeous Oregon, and then on to Seattle, Washington and beyond. After going international (if Canada counts anyway), we made our way back through the incredible Rocky Mountain ranges of Montana, Wyoming and Colorado (with many stops in Idaho, Utah, Nevada, OK and Kansas and AR too).

With the West now under our belt, we’ll be posting fantastic travel clips in the form of photo, video, and blog posts while planning Travel Tour 2!


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