Northern Oregon: Goonies, Beaches and Rainforests

Good-bye, Oregon. We’re really gonna miss you. We left last week but not without getting some great photos. Portland worked as a great spring board to amazing and awe-inspiring sights.  Just In: One of our Canon Beach photos has been featured on Schmap Portland Area Guide.

A great place to picnic
A great place to picnic

Cannon Beach. This place is really, really cool, folks. Lots of kite fliers, picnicking and people swimming. Yes, you heard me. Turns out you CAN swim in Oregon coastal waters. We saw plenty of people splashing around in water at least up to their necks. So it can be done. However, locals strongly urge swimmers to be careful as ocean waters can be dangerous. One minute you’re splashing around having a ball; the next, you’re caught in a deadly undertow. Swimming months are late July through August when the water is warmer. See photos. We also got some cool photos 1,100 feet above in a helicopter tour ride.

Walk into a FernGully rainforest
Walk into a FernGully rainforest

Silver Falls State Park.  Ever see that kid flick FernGully? Images from the animated 1992 feature kept popping up everywhere we turned. No, we didn’t see magical FernGully wood nymphs, though I wouldn’t have been surprised if we had. This place is so natural and green, it almost imprints itself on your retinas. It will forever be imprinted on our memories, fondly. Gorgeous waterfalls, cool mild temperatures, wild blackberries you can pick off the vine and eat.  This place is like the garden of Eden.  See photos.


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